Ava Pommerenk, M.A.

 I receive training in individual, couple, and group therapy, and I participate in on-going consultation in these three disciplines. Dr. Hidalgo-Barnes Psy.D is my supervisor, whom I receive guidance, supervision, and training from. He determines whether I should meet with you, and is the person responsible for the work that I do as a Psychological Assistant.  I have clinical training in AEDP for Couples Therapy.

  I join my community in experiencing the pains of existence and the processes of learning to work with and transform these pains, rather than be consumed by them. I am above all things, pragmatic. I practice this pragmatism through doing my own on-going training, healing, self-discovery, and growth work and this shows in the work that I do.
  I am a registered psychological assistant (PSB: 37799), supervised by clinical psychologist, Miguel Hidalgo- Barnes, Psy.D (PSY: 24974) I receive weekly supervision, consultation, and training in support of my professional growth and competence.

My interests include:
1.) Trauma
2.) Attachment Trauma
3.) Anxiety and Stress
4.) Relationship/ Intimacy/ Co-Dependence Issues
5.) Identity Development and Boundary Issues
6.) Family of Origin Issues
7.) Big Life Transitions
8.) Self-esteem and Empowerment Issues
9.) Grief and Loss
10.) Addictions, Co-occurring Disorders, and Recovery
11.) Communication, Intimacy, and Trust





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