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Dr. Ava Pommerenk, PhD

Internationally Acclaimed Women's Empowerment Coach & Transformational Advisor 

As a WOMEN"S EMPOWERMENT COACH with a PhD in Transpersonal Psychology, I guide women on their journey to deepen their relationship to their authentic selves, as I remain deeply rooted in my mission to support, witness, inspire, and empower women to awaken to their full potential, embracing their unique and beautiful gifts, and to step into their sacred feminine power.  I help them to identify their goals, heal wounds and trust in their innate strength so they can make the greatest impact in their lives, and truly thrive with radiant health, vitality, passion, purpose, and joy.
-Dr. Ava

1 On 1 Empowerment Coaching

If you feel stuck, and unable to find a more satisfying way of life, yet are unclear how you might even begin to make the changes that are necessary, empowerment coaching is for you! 

I offer focused time with you, where we:

1.) Identify the problem

2.) Clarify your dream of what you want

3.) Get brutally honest about what is getting in the way of getting what you want

4.) We take measured, clear action-steps to help you finally overcome these internal and external obstacles

I combine my solidly pragmatic and authentic coaching practice, with my ten years of experience and training as a psychotherapist, to work in an existentially, emotionally and psychologically intelligent way with you. I also pull from my experience with regular spiritual practice, to provide a loving, safe, patient, and compassionate container for us to do this work together. 


No problem. I offer a one-time, complimentary, 30-minute consultation call, to help guide you to what package or option might be best suited for you, at this time. 

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I can help if...

Because a small voice inside keeps telling you something big needs to change.


You are tired of your internal experience of self, not matching with the person you live as, day in and day out.


You are tired of apologizing for being who you are.


You are tired of the yearning to live the way you see others live, yet making excuses for why this is not possible for you.

  • I am here to help you discover what, deep down, you already know.
  • I am here to help you live and be according to your deepest yearnings.
  • I am here to help you bring these deepest knowing and yearnings to the surface.
  • I am here to fiercely protect and nurture your life, and help you learn to protect and nurture yourself too.
  • I am here to not just help you make changes,  but to help you truly transform.
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I am here to help you live in the process & completion of:



I received training in individual, couple, sex and group therapy, and I participate in on-going consultation in these  disciplines  I have clinical training in AEDP for Couples Therapy.

 I join my community in experiencing the pains of existence and the processes of learning to work with and transform these pains, rather than be consumed by them. I am above all things, pragmatic. I practice this pragmatism through doing my own on-going training, healing, self-discovery, and growth work and this shows in the work that I do.
I am committed to my personal and professional growth and therefore am actively engaged in ongoing consultation and training in support of my professional growth and competence, as well as my own personal therapy work. 

My interests & areas of expertise include:

  • Empowering Women to live to their fullest potential
  • Big Life Transitions
  • Self-esteem and Empowerment Issues
  • Trauma
  • Attachment Trauma
  • Anxiety and Stress
  • Relationship/ Intimacy/ Co-Dependence Issues
  • Identity Development and Boundary Issues
  • Family of Origin Issues
  • Grief and Loss
  • Addictions, Co-occurring Problematic Issues, and Recovery
  • Communication, Intimacy, and Trust
  • Sexuality & Sexual Empowerment