Hey BA Sappho Community! 

Women await this film. Queers (Lesbians and beyond) await this film. Feminists await this celebration of our ultra inclusive sisterhood and we cannot wait to share it with you.

Help an Indie Women's Documentary come to fruition! Mothership Documentary's all queer female queer crew, is also primarily women of color (all but one) and a true passion project about shooting a film about safe space for women in the context of California's only all women overnight women's festival, Mothership.

I am so happy to be married to an amazing partner, E. Beth Nelsen; she is a passionate and talented Bay Area born QPOC filmmaker whose work is about elevating social impact and awareness. Her world renown award-winning documentary film (also made with Ana Grillo), CAMP BEAVERTON: MEET THE BEAVERS, about Camp Beaverton, the all women's, trans inclusive, queer, sex positive camp at Burning Man in 2012 has played around the world's Queer Film Festival's circuit and inspired her newest social awareness project.

The crew talked to the participants about safe space, brave space, gender identity and expression, race, body positivity, and other aspects on intersectional feminism, and closed filming just 48 hours after the festival gates had opened. The event is run and set up only by women, and all performers and workshop leaders were also women: the film team met some stellar talent, including Tegan & Sara, Faarrow, Madison Paige, Madame Gandhi, and Whitney Mixter. Additionally, they got to engage in conversations with people from many chapters of life, not confined to just millennials.  

It is also worth noting that four of the five team members identify as lesbian, (the fifth also falling within the LGBTQ spectrum), and that they will send you a private link to enjoy the film for donations starting at $25! Campaign ends Friday, July 13, 2018, at 9AM, PST.


LESS THAN ONE WEEK left to support the campaign and help :
1) show your support for your indie lesbian POC woman, social activist and documentary filmmaker's passion project
2) support all women's trans-inclusive safe spaces
3) see stories told from non-mainstream perspectives and learn about feminism from the next generation's perspective and how it evolved from previous feminist experiences. 

Please make a donation of any size to the campaign (even $5 0r $10 helps! or FOLLOW if you can't make a donation... and PLEASE SHARE and spread the word. We need 400 feminists to donate $10 to meet our goal. 

See the trailer here:


For more information about the film and to pledge your support visit: 




Quote from Beth about the project:

At the end of 2016, MOTHERSHIP founder Laura Wise contacted me after seeing CAMP BEAVERTON: MEET THE BEAVERS, the film Ana Grillo and I made about Camp Beaverton, the all women's, trans inclusive, sex positive camp at Burning Man in 2012, and asked if I'd be interested in making a film about her festival, MOTHERSHIP, which would take place in October, 2017. My partner was pregnant then and due in February 2017, so I knew that logistically, the timing could work.

After further discussion with Laura, I was hooked on the idea of looking at feminism today because I am curious as to where the thoughts and feelings about feminism stand with the young women and queer folk coming into their own voices now. I've always been passionate about seeing all voices have equal platform to being heard and I suppose this a a huge reason why I've chosen documentary as a means to give voice to the unheard.

MOTHERSHIP was an easy Yes and what we discovered was that today’s generation has a lot to say about the intersections within feminism and that even the mere act of attempting to highlight these voices is empowering; this film is an act of empowerment, in and of itself, and we invite you to be a part of it.

The fundraiser: https://www.seedandspark.com/fund/mothership-the-documentary#story OR https://www.tinyurl.com/mothershipdoc 


MOTHERSHIP Festival, now in its fourth year, creates a unique, immersive, diverse experience designed by women, exclusively for women and non binary attendees and featured guests. Not just a "music festival," the event holds panels, workshops, and a variety of speakers throughout the day, highlighting music by night. 


The feature length documentary has been a passion project thus far, produced by the same team that brought CAMP BEAVERTON: MEET THE BEAVERS to LGBTQ audiences worldwide. The team now seeks help to fund the finishing costs of color, sound mixing, and music licenses. All of the music in the film was licensed by two different artists: activist and drummer Madame Gandhi, (formerly of M.I.A. and whose audience grew after she chose to "bleed freely," while running the London Marathon in 2015), contracted two of her songs including, The Future Is Female, which was inspired by the last presidential election. The song was also the tune for the documentary's first trailer. Five additional songs came from WASI, the Los Angeles based electro punk/rock band fronted by the same-sex married couple, Jessie Meehan and Merilou Salazar. Meehan has spoken publicly about her experience of being asked to use the men's bathroom, bringing attention to the ACLU. Last October the team of five arrived at the festival in Coachella and interviewed women on their thoughts on feminism today, discussing the topics of intersectionality, the need for safe and brave spaces, periods, gender identity, sexuality, and more. The result is a nice time capsule of where we are today, giving our marginalized voices a lot more volume as well as celebrating feminism today, bringing absolute pride to identify as such. Director Beth Nelsen and editing super duo, Kristina and Victoria Rodriguez, have been busy finishing the film from their headquarters in Sacramento, California. While they do not yet know who will invite their film for its World Premiere, Nelsen is hoping to use her connections to various festivals where BEAVERS screened to help the team find their audience. 


While the event is open to all women and not just LGBT women, it is hard to deny the power that transpires when LGBT women set out to create something amazing. Laura Wise, founder of MOTHERSHIP, tells us early on in the film that she identifies and lesbian and that she because she comes from such a strong tribe of women in Los Angeles she wanted to create this type of space for all women, not just lesbians. Although the intention is for ALL women, the LGBT presence is loud and proud within the film, mirroring society at present.; we are the ones who are the first to speak to equity, in all its facets. Additionally, these women's spaces are so important and they've been critiqued harshly over the years. The film aims to highlight the exciting possibilities that happen when women come together and also to really celebrate the next generation of feminists. The documentary was shot at the 2017 edition of the festival, the year the MOTHERSHIP event joined forces with the Tegan and Sara Foundation, the LGBT focused organization who aims to provide safe spaces within the music festival scene. Tegan and Sara Quin both gave the doc team an interview and are featured voices within the film. There are several LGBT voices within the film including Madame Gandhi, Whitney Mixter, Madison Paige, and sex educator and author of Girl Sex 101, Allison Moon.