China Rose Zamora, NTP, CCH


Holistic Wellness Practitioner

I feel blessed to say that I love my work! I’m so grateful that I get to make a positive contribution towards my community’s health on a daily basis and that I work in a genre of medicine that not only has its roots deep in our history but continues to develop and thrive as time goes on. What more could I ask for?

I first became interested in holistic healthcare as a young woman. I started to feel run down, got sick often, and developed some chronic digestive issues. I had no idea, at the time, that poor diet and dehydration were sources of my problems. Once I started learning about natural medicine I changed the way I was eating and tried some medicinal herbs. My body responded right away and I was hooked! I loved learning about the mechanisms of my physiology and how I could support myself naturally!

I worked for a family owned health food store and my interest in herbalism grew. In 2000 I attended the Southwest School of Botanical Medicine and was certified as a clinical herbalist. When I returned, I decided to further my studies at the Living Awareness Institute where I added folkloric herb use, holistic nutrition, and women’s health to my repertoire.

I had attended the home births of my brother and sister at the ages of three and seven. Natural childbirth just seemed normal to me. Didn’t all families do it like that? After attending the hospital birth of my best friend’s son when I was twenty, I realized that I needed to make birth a part of my life. I had never experienced anything so powerful and beautiful as to play an active role in bringing a new baby into the world! At the same time, I saw what a difference it made to have a supportive person present in that environment. In early 2002 I was trained as a birth doula by Childbirth Education Specialists and have attended many home and hospital births in the years since.

In 2009 I was certified as a nutritional therapist. I had learned a lot about holistic nutrition over the years, but I was looking to gain the deepest understanding possible. I found the program I was seeking with the Nutritional Therapy Association. They taught me how to discover each client’s individual health needs through both in depth consultation and physical assessment.

My most recent training has been in holistic approaches to hormonal imbalance. When I began to learn about the intricacies of male and female hormones a light went on! I was immediately intrigued because I had found a way that I could support my clients on a deeper level. Dr. Janet Lang, an expert in restorative endocrinology, has been my biggest influence thus far.

I currently have a private practice in beautiful, downtown Napa, California. I also consult with clients all over the country on the phone, by Skype, and through email. I work with local companies to support and educate their employees and enjoy giving public lectures in the community. My thirst for knowledge will never be quenched, driving me to seek out additional education and training in holistic healing, always striving to be my clients’ best resource!