I believe that we are all doing the best we know how in response to life's challenges. Healing takes practice and occurs in the space between one another. People often seek my services when the ways they have learned to survive no longer serve them and cause unnecessary suffering or feeling stuck in response to stress. 
My goal is to develop a mutual understanding of how to create a practice within yourself that allows you to become your own healer and cultivate relationships that serve your purpose. I have an integrative style that offers a blend of Western and Eastern approaches using mindfulness techniques that nurture self-love, forgiveness and a deeper awareness of how we show up in relationships that has the power to transform old wounds to create more meaningful connection. 
Together, we will come to better understand your struggles and recognize and build on your strengths. It is most important that our conversations feel safe for you as we approach your healing journey with curiosity and find ways to mobilize the best in you.

Dr. Laura Pucci is a licensed clinical psychologist practicing in Berkeley, Pleasant Hill and Oakland. She provides individual, couples and family therapy to effectively improve relationships, emotional expression, communication and overall psychological well being. 




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