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I help couples in a collaborative process to identify and apply strengths in difficult times. My work is informed by models of human development and takes into account milestones that individuals, couples and families reach at different points in their lives. I stay active in the field and work closely with other professionals to ensure that I am bringing an up to date, focused and informed approach to my work.

It is often not an easy decision to start couples therapy or marriage counseling.  Research shows that many couples will struggle for years in a difficult relationship before seeking professional help.  Couples often enter therapy exhausted by the amount of effort that the relationship or particular issues requires and are caught in patterns of hurt or avoidance. 

A good experience in couples therapy helps to change those patterns and provides a new approach to facing difficult issues or decisions.  This happens through better communication and each partner learning to recognize and take responsibility for his or her role in the conflicts or patterns of avoidance. 

Couples therapy can be very rewarding and can strengthen the partnership and each individual.  In my work with couples, I aim to be active and engaged.  I help each partner better clarify individual needs and the needs of the couple.  I have worked with a diverse range of couples and using a focused and structured approach to my work as a couples therapist. 


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