Lisa Petras, MFT

For close to a decade, I have worked with thousands of clients ranging from individuals, couples, families, groups, and as a clinical supervisor to other therapists. My clients describe my style as warm and authentic while at the same time "no-nonsense". While some therapy is past-focused, the emphasis of our work together will be "experientially-focused". This means that I will help to guide you in discovering what is happening for you internally and between you and your partner moment-to-moment within the context of our sessions.

My Approach 

I incorporate and teach mindfulness and somatic (body-oriented) techniques and skills into sessions to help my clients gain mastery over their minds and to get into better connection with their bodies and emotions. The results include feeling less stressed and more focused, confident, optimistic, and effective in life and in relationship. I am especially skilled at working with both individuals and couples who are struggling with emotional intimacy and sexual concerns, interpersonal conflicts and challenges, and/or addictive behaviors.


5725 Oak Grove Avenue
Oakland, California 94618