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Amber Cooley, LMFT

San Francisco Bay Area & Napa Valley Couples Therapist, Co-Parenting Counselor & Sex and Intimacy Therapist



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I am a licensed psychotherapist providing holistic counseling to individuals and couples. My practice is presently focused on helping clients work through feelings of anxiety or fear that can arise during important life transitions such as: getting married, becoming pregnant, becoming new parents, blending families and facing separation or divorce. You may feel a sense of instability during such major life changes and it is my goal to help ground you by identifying what you need while accessing your inner strengths and resources. I create a safe and non judgmental space for you to do this important work.

I work with individuals from a holistic attachment and somatic-based lens. I work with sex and intimacy issues, relationship and communication needs, breaking negative cycles and co-parenting issues as well as an array of other needs.

In our work together, attention is brought to what is arising for each client or couple in the present moment. This allows for us to address issues as they are happening, making it easier to identify current thoughts, feelings and somatic experiences. This can offer a deeper awareness of thought patterns, communication dynamics, and common trigger or reaction patterns.

As we work together to help expand your awareness of your internal landscape you will begin to find more space around how you choose to respond to what life brings your way. I believe that we all have within us the ability to grow and heal as we tend to old wounds. It has been an honor for me to help my clients heal these old wounds, let go of old stories that no longer serve them and witness previously hidden parts of their true core-self emerge as they live a more joyful and fulfilled life. My clients have described me as having a warm and grounded presence while inviting insightful and creative ways to work through challenging issues.

-Amber Cooley, LMFT

For over a decade, I have been providing therapy to diverse populations while working in community based non-profit organizations, several public and private Bay Area schools, as well as in my own private practice. I have successfully helped individuals, couples and families experience healing through therapeutic services such as Individual Therapy, Couples Therapy, Support Groups, Teaching Mindfulness Techniques, and the use of Guided Imagery.

Gestalt therapy, Somatic based therapy, Relational therapy, Imago Relationship therapy and Family systems theory, are some of the modalities that influence my work as a
therapist. Drawing from a variety of theoretical orientations allows me to utilize the style or combination of styles that best fits your individual needs. My professional training and experience also includes forming and facilitating therapeutic groups for new parents and couples, helping them connect more deeply with themselves and each other. Whether you are seeking help to manage anxiety and stress, cope with feelings of sadness, improve your relationships, or seeking support during a major life transition, I work successfully with my clients to bring about effective change and growth.


I believe that we all have within us the ability to grow and heal as we tend to old wounds.  As I support you in your pain as well as your joy, I offer a warm and grounded presence helping to integrate all of who you are.  As a holistic therapist, I believe our thoughts, physical sensations, emotions, and spirit are all interconnected, and I will invite you to bring awareness to your entire experience for a more whole living approach to health and healing.  


AMBER Cooley, LMFT #52498

I am a Licensed Marriage Family Therapist (MFC#52498).  I earned my Bachelors Degree in Psychology from California State University Chico and attended California Institute of Integral Studies, where I earned a Masters Degree in Integral Counseling Psychology.


  • Licensed by the California Board of Behavioral Sciences (BBS)

  • Member of California Association of Marriage and Family Therapists (CAMFT)