Need to Reschedule?

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Things happen...

We get it.



While we understand that life happens, and sometimes you will need to cancel or reschedule your sex therapy or couples counseling session, we also are committed to providing you the most effective continuous treatment possible. For couples counseling, sex therapy or individual psychotherapy to be effective, weekly continuity is essential. When you make this commitment, we reserve you a regular, ongoing appointment time that is not available as an open slot that could be offered to new patients or for rescheduling appointments.  

Therefore, Napa Valley Couples Therapy Center requires 72 hours (three business days) notice for cancelled or rescheduled psychotherapy appointments in advance of your session time. We also require a week notice to cancel sex therapy and relationship counseling intensives & private customized workshops. 

If you do not provide the required notice, you are responsible for payment for the missed session. We will do our best to offer you a make up session, if available.

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