Attachment-Based Couples Therapy

At Napa Valley Couples Therapy Centers we use a hands-on practical approach rooted in the latest advancements in neuroscience and attachment theory. We utilize evidence-based treatment modalities that will help you develop you the skills you need to be successful with your partner in cultivating a loving, equitable and secure relationship. Our goal is to give you the tools that will empower and enable you to tackle your relationship issues together, and give you the confidence to know that you can handle these issues outside of the therapy office

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Napa Valley Couples Therapy

Let us help you cultivate a loving, equitable and lasting partnership, more enriched sex life and a secure, intimate relationship.

In couples' counseling we can help you to:

Learn better communication skills

Identify problematic dynamics

Deepen and build intimacy (emotional and sexual)

Build trust

Communicate effectively in conflict

Shift unhelpful or dysfunctional dynamics and patterns.

Explore commitment issues

Work with fidelity/infidelity ruptures

Break out of your relationship rut

Work on parenting issues

Develop relational health

Reconnect to your core friendship and love for one another

Enhance connection

Repair your relationship and restore your your commitment to one another

Relight the spark and passion in your partnership (read more about sex & intimacy therapy).

Learn how to de-escalate conflict, settle your nervous system and use effective, nonviolent communication (NVC) to deepen connection.  

Be in true other words, be team players! 

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When you enter into therapy as a couple, you bring your individual and collective experiences, dreams and hurts, as well as the history of your relationship.  Your relationship dynamic is created in the partnership based on these hopes and fears. In coming to therapy, I can help you to shift painful or damaging dynamics.

At the core of every relationship, is the need to know that your partner will show up for you in a loving and engaged way.  To feel safe in an intimate relationship, you need to know that your partner will be accessible, responsive to your needs and engaged in the partnership. 

We offer couples therapy, marriage & pre-marital counseling and relationship support to partners and individuals at our convenient, Napa Valley, San Francisco and East Bay locations. 

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In order to open up to your partner and share yourself in such a vulnerable way, you must know that your partner is emotionally available to respond to your feelings and needs.

You may not know how to reach out to your partner and your partner may not know how to support you. Or perhaps you have become stuck in your old and painful patterns, leaving you feeling closed and guarded. 

If you sense that your partner is not accessible and engaged with you, you may respond by shutting down or pushing away (fight, flight).  While this serves to protect you from immediate pain, it also leaves both partners feeling alone and disconnected.  This damages and often ends, many otherwise loving relationships.  However, you can break this cycle and learn to communicate with your partner.