My orientation is primarily Somatic, however our work together will keep in mind your unique goals and set of life circumstances that brings you to seek therapy at this time.  I hold a Bachelors of Science from the University of California Berkeley in Psychology with a minor in Philosophy, and received my Masters at the California Institute of Integral Studies in Somatic Psychotherapy.  

My work is engaging and relational at its heart, and aims to help people body themselves with a sense of security and vitality so to enhance the connections they generate within their relationship(s).  

Growing ways of being able to respond “in the moment” instead of out of habitual or inherited ways of being in relationship is something that Somatic work, in particular, gains some traction where couples are otherwise looping in patterns that feel repetitive or stuck somehow.

I have a deep compassion for those who may experience their bodies as “enemies” or otherwise don’t yet have a conscious relationship with their body.  We will work at a pace that is integrative and also has a lot of room for discovery together.


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