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We believe we can all improve ourselves, our relationships and our overall lives by having a deeper understanding of where we are, where we want to go and how to get there; Our Life & Wellness Coaches and Relationship Guides help you identify these places within you, find the barriers and support you in the action steps to take to get from your current hope to realizing your goals.

Napa Valley Life and Wellness Coach & Relationship Guides™


All of our Life and Wellness Coaches or Relationship Guides™, all have degrees in clinical psychology, counseling psychology or sexology which is drawn upon in the counseling or coaching work.

At Napa Valley Couples & Sex Therapy Centers we are passionate about helping others live to their fullest potential, be it related to communication skills, navigating intimate partnerships, friendships or work relationships, getting more embodied through movement and conscious exercise or finding the steps to meet a variety of your personal goals.

Our Life and Wellness Coaches work with issues related to business development and ideas, deepening connection, improving relationships, sexuality, starting or continuing physical fitness and wellness, blocks around sports, creativity or education or other goals, LGTBQ issues, POC issues, having a healthier emotional and physical relationship to your body and other issues.

Napa Valley Life Coach

New Mindset, New Results.

Your Napa Valley Life & Wellness Coach can help you identify your blocks and find the action steps needed in improving your life and health.

Our Relationship Guides™, Couples Counselors and Life Coaches are profoundly dedicated to helping a wide array of people with a large range of needs and specific goals.

We hold the utmost highest standards for our work and take pride in having helped thousands of people. All of our coaches and therapists continues to make professional and personal self-improvement a priority, We subscribe to the philosophy of “practice what you preach” and therefore our coaching clients tend to describe their coach, Relationship Guide™ or Counselors as authentic and committed to their work together.

Our goal is to make a positive impact with the Napa Valley and North Bay communities through Life and Wellness Coaching, Relationship & Sexual Empowerment Coaching and Clinical Psychotherapy (couples therapy, sex therapy, individual therapy and family and child therapy) to help make this world a better place for those who are not meeting their goals, are feeling stuck or need support to make effective change.

If you are looking for new avenues to tap into your strengths and potential, and want to live the life you have always dreamed of, contact us for a free phone consultation to connect with an expert Relationship or Wellness Guide today; start working on your personal growth and reap the rewarsds!

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